Ready to launch, Arbinauts! 🚀

Therefore, here is a recap of the most important information to keep in MIND related to the event.

What is new?

  • Cortex Token (CRX) — Launched on Arbitrum, improved tokenomics
  • Elder MINDS (Generation 0) — 2118 Freshly minted NFTs
  • Arena — New gameplay features: betting on card matches, player ranking & rating system with real rewards.
  • Tavern — NFT Marketplace: Breeding & Rentals
  • Neuropia — Quests that if accomplished give you rewards for upgrades and breeds.
  • many more to come in the following months…

Cortex Token (CRX)

The new token of MIND Games universe






Cortex Airdrop for existing $CELL holders

For our pioneers on Aurora, we are ensuring that long-time supporters of the protocol will be welcomed to our new home.

A snapshot of all wallets holding $CELL will randomly take place in the interval until launch.

Eligible $CELL holders will receive a $CRX airdrop on Arbitrum.

50,000 CRX

Between today and until the launch on March 2.

A list of wallets that qualified for the Airdrop will be made public right after the snapshot.

A percentage of the 50,000 CRX Tokens will be allocated to you depending on your $CELL holdings on Aurora Network.

*The $CELL token should be in your wallet at the moment of the snapshot.

**The Research Facility (xCELL) and Piero’s Statue (unclaimed rewards, locked rewards, LPs) will not be considered.

A claim button will be available under your profile picture (top-left corner)

24 hours after the token launch

Elder MINDS (Generation 0) NFT Mint

New Gen 0 Elder MINDS NFTs will be minted on Arbitrum.




In case we’ve missed something or if you have any further questions, hit us up on Discord @!

See you on the other side!



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