We know you have been super excited about the upcoming Phase 2 launch of MIND & Researcher NFTs, and so are we! We can finally share more details about how it will work with everyone.

What are our Elder MINDS (Generation 0)? The Elders will be the first batch of NFTs minted for the MIND Games Universe. From these NFTs, players will be able to clone other new NFTs. This will happen at the Sanctum in exchange for various resources and currencies. The MINDS who are occupied with cough cloning will be unavailable for playing in the game modes until the process is ready. The value of the Gen 0 MINDS is undisputable as there will be no other method of acquiring them other than the market. Our documentation explains all potential statistics, rarities, and classes at large: https://docs.mindgames.io/learn/game-basics/nfts/minds

The Airdrop

We will add our xCELL holders to a raffle to win a Gen 0 MIND. All addresses containing at least 10000 xCELL will be eligible for the drawing. In addition, addresses can receive an extra two entries for each 10000 xCELL they have beyond the first. The selection will be made via snapshots of xCELL holders starting next Friday, 29.07, and these will occur randomly for the next four weeks.

These entries will then all be randomly selected using https://wheelofnames.com/ on LIVE STREAM, and by the will of Gnomon, the winners shall emerge. The lucky winners will then be given a token that will allow them to redeem one free MIND NFT on the day they are released. There is no deadline for when you must redeem your NFT. However, we are aiming to have the winners be able to access the NFTs a few hours before they become live for the rest of the world.

The Elder MIND Sale

As the core and soul of all our game modes, the MINDS are valuable assets that set our entire Universe in motion. Even though they are priceless for our team, we know a price must be set for them at the initial sale. We said this from the beginning. We want to draw the gaming community closer to us and provide them with a high-quality experience. We want our players to find the game affordable and fun, and we would rather cut the price point a bit lower if that means our player base grows. This is why we are releasing the initial number of NFTs to 2118 — enough to ensure that even if players buy over 5 MINDS, many will still get their chance to own an Elder MIND.

Starting price: TBD via community vote.

When you pay to mint an Elder MIND, you must first ‘Approve’ the smart contract to deduct CELL from your balance. This will mean that you approve the smart contract to spend however much CELL is required for the next Gen 0 Hero, considering the delta price increase for each mint.

Following a successful transaction, you will have a mystery box, which will reveal your new MIND NFT. You will need to open this box to purchase another MIND NFT.

Once all of the Gen 0 MINDS are gone, the only way to get more MINDS in the game will be to clone from 2 existing MINDS at the Sanctum. Of course, you might be able to find MINDS and even Elder MINDS at the Tavern that other players have put on sale.

The date and time of the Gen 0 Sale are yet TBD but will be in the first half of September. CELL spent on minting the Elder MINDS will be divided into multiple funds for the future of the game, as follows:

60% — Burned 5% — Sent to the Research Facility to reward xCELL holders

15% — Sent to the Development Fund to pay for future game development and bounties

18% — Sent to the Community Fund, airdrops, rewards, bounties, etc

2% — Sent to the Founders Fund to reward the team

Note: The mint price, delta price increase for each mint and distribution process are subject to change in a community vote.

We hope this news made you smile and that you look forward to it as much as we are. See you soon at the Tavern, Researchers!



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