MIND Games is a DEX with a GameFi Hub built on top of it.


It currently holds four unique modes integrating a DEX and liquidity pools, offering our players — our Researchers — the chance to immerse themselves in a game universe. As the story goes, you, as a player, are part of a new top-secret research team and the most recent discovery is a faraway planet, hidden on the other edge of a black hole, where MINDS have created a world of their own. You investigate and observe their lives and write down all your findings.

UI/UX of MIND Games

Players start collecting NFTs, then use these in Neuropia — grow these NFTs via missions, use them in the Arena to win battles with other players, and work together with other players to develop a whole community in the MIND Games Metaverse.

The NFTs are unique in terms of rarity, abilities, and statistics. Although more than one copy of any NFT exists, the statistics on them will differ, increasing their value in the Marketplace. The statistics on these cards will play an essential role in all game modes, making any NFT purchase valuable in the entire MIND Universe.

As a user, players must acquire a Researcher card representing them and their playing style. The Researcher cards will have talent trees that allow players to tailor the game experience based on their interests: Reaching a higher rank, evolving their NFTs, trying a different strategy, and earning more rewards. The Researcher cards and all Talent points acquired will be available for trade on the Marketplace.

Players have limited energy daily to ensure a safe and sustainable player experience. The MIND Games universe will use AURORIUM (AUR) and the primary in-game token, BRAINCELL (CELL). Alongside these, a wide array of rewards will be granted, including but not limited to resources and items.

Piero is the place where you can farm tokens via Liquidity Offerings.

Our users can swap tokens on our Decentralized Exchange platform, which is part of the Marketplace. Lastly, the Marketplace will allow players to pair two tokens, for example, CELL and NEAR, and generate an offering to be used at Piero’s Statue — a beloved reminder of MIND History.

Research Facility is the place where you can STAKE your $CELL.

In the Research Facility, players can deposit CELL as a form of staking. The hard-working MINDS in the Research Facility will analyze these and experiment day and night to uncover all their mysteries. Once their research is complete, the players will receive CELL as a reward for their interest in science. The CELL will be brought in from various fees of game transactions, swap fees, and Piero’s Statue fees.

The primary token of the MIND Games Universe is BRAINCELL (CELL).



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MIND Games

MIND Games

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