What are Elder MINDS (Generation 0)? The Elders will be the first batch of NFTs minted for the MIND Games Universe. From these NFTs, players will be able to clone other new NFTs. The Brainstorming will happen at the Sanctum in exchange for various resources and currencies. The MINDS who are busy with “cough” cloning will be unavailable for playing in the game modes until the process is ready. The value of the Gen 0 MINDS is undisputable as there will be no other method of acquiring them other than the market. The documentation explains all potential statistics, rarities, and classes at large:


Everything you have to know about a MIND NFT

The Elder MIND Sale

As the core and soul of all our game modes, the MINDS are valuable assets that set our entire Universe in motion. This is why we are releasing the initial number of NFTs to 2118.

Once all of the Gen 0 MINDS are minted, the only way to get more MINDS in the game will be to clone from 2 existing MINDS at the Sanctum. Of course, you might be able to find MINDS and even Elder MINDS at the Tavern that other players have put on sale.

See you soon at the Tavern, Researchers!



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